Baratza Sette 270Wi Espresso Grinder

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Overview Bringing the best of Baratza's technical prowess to light, the Sette 270Wi combines high-quality steel Etzinger burrs, a..

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Baratza Sette 270Wi Espresso Grinder | Baratza | Grinders


Bringing the best of Baratza's technical prowess to light, the Sette 270Wi combines high-quality steel Etzinger burrs, a redesigned motor mount and Acaia scale-equipped weighted dosing to create a grinder that is easy to dial-in, easier to clean, and easiest to keep full thanks to its bean-saving setup. Baratza's drop-through burrset lines up hopper and burrs right above your portafilter, eliminating excess buildup of grinds while also improving on grind speed over similar chute-based grinder designs. Improvements abound, as the 270Wi also improves on the accuracy and usability of the scale functionality—and opens it to further software updates over bluetooth.

Features and Functionality

  • Accurate Weight Dosing - Auto-taring and auto-calculating offset functionality ensures your dose is consistent from drink to drink.
  • Compact - The Sette 270Wi will fit almost anywhere thanks to its compact shape and narrow profile.
  • Adjustable Holder Arms - Grind directly into a portafilter or the included container for less wasted coffee and easier cleanup.
  • Easy-cleaning - The drop-out burr design is easy to remove and clean without tools, and collects less fines along the way.
  • Brand New Burrs - Special-made 40mm Etzinger burrs offer consistent grinds at any level of coarseness.
  • Hopper Stopper - A flip down hopper door makes it easy to remove the hopper without scooping out beans.
  • More Accurate - The software improvements baked in with the new control board made our test grinder much more accurate out of the box—no cork or blue-tac needed.
  • More Polish - A combination of a slower grind speed, lower tone of sound, and a true pulse button combine to make the 270wi feel much more premium than the original W.
  • Still Best In Class - Seriously, the grind quality for espresso on the Sette line is astounding. And, it impresses while being smaller and more affordable than much of its competition.
  • Just Espresso - We still only recommend the Sette 270Wi for espresso drinkers.
SCG Staff Says... The slightly slower grind speed really helps with the tone of the 270Wi's sound over the original 270w.
How Does it Compare? The Sette 270Wi adds a new control board that changes grind speed (thusly sound), weight accuracy (though it sacrifices the manual offset), and a grind mode Baratza calls 'quick burst' to top off or purge your grinder.
Recommended For Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over


Model Number 270Wi Manufacturer Baratza Width 5.25 inches Depth 9.5 inches Height 15.75 inches Product Weight (lbs.) 9.0000 Watts 290 W Volts 120 V Case Material Plastic Bean Hopper Capacity 10 ounces Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality Adjustment Configuration Stepped - Macro and Micro Settings Grinder Style Burr - Conical Steel Burr Diameter 40mm Anti-Static Coating Yes Timer or On/Off Switch On/Off Switch Only Material Stainless Steel and Plastic