Baratza Vario-W Burr Grinder

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Overview Named one of the best new products of 2011, the Baratza Vario-W Burr Grinder gives you the ability to create a precise g..

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Named one of the best new products of 2011, the Baratza Vario-W Burr Grinder gives you the ability to create a precise grind for ideal shots. Using real-time weight-based grinding with a built-in electronic scale, all you need to do is set your weight preference and the Vario-W will do the rest. This gem of a grinder weighs the ground coffee and will stop grinding automatically when it has reached your desired weight.

Please Note: Our video features the previous version (model # 985) that does not include the shut-off hopper.

Features and Functionality

  • Shut-Off Hopper - The newest version of the Vario-W (model # 986) now includes a shut-off hopper for convenient coffee bean switching.
  • 54mm Ceramic Flat Burrs - These burrs stay sharper longer. Ceramic has a longer life than steel burrs and helps to keep the coffee cool by limiting the amount of heat transferred from the burrs to the grinds.
  • Weight-Based - Set the weight of your desired ground coffee to more or less than 0.2g and the Vario-W will weigh the ground coffee while grinding, then stop automatically when it reaches your desired weight.
  • Easy-to-Read - Digital LCD window shows the weight value that is being ground, so you won't need to worry about pre-weighing your beans any longer.
  • Grind on Demand with Electronic Dosing - Grinds only the coffee you require for each shot. Eliminates the risk of stale ground coffee common in mechanical dosing units.
  • Programming - Features three, user-programmable grind weight buttons.
  • Innovative Dual Cam Grind Adjustment - The right-hand lever lets you choose what type of grind. The lever on the left lets you fine tune the grind within the range selected. More than 230 grind settings available.
  • Super Quiet - Powerful DC motor turns slowly resulting in cool, quiet operation and permits extended grinding time. The circuitry is equipped with an automatic reset thermal switch.
  • Commercial-Grade - With 230 settings, you may expect the Vario-W to be more of a beginner's machine. Not so. This grinder has the same high-quality design features as professional grinders.
  • Precision Grind Adjustment - You'll get a precise grind with the Baratza Vario-W.
  • Digital Display - The clear, easy-to-read display tells you the weight value that you're grinding.
  • Too Much Goodness - A score of grinding options can equal frustration when changing grinds for a new batch of beans.
How Does it Compare?

The Vario-W is accurate, consistent and has 230 grind options versus other models. The grind is from 230-1150 microns.

Tips and Tricks

Accessory 54mm flat steel burrs are available for the Vario-W. These are for use in a Vario-W dedicated to grinding for drip brewing using a medium to coarse grind. To be clear, these will NOT grind fine enough for espresso. They are solely for a coarser grind used in drip brewing.

Recommended For Drip Coffee, Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over


Model Number 986 Manufacturer Baratza Width 5.5 inches Depth 5.0 inches Height 14.0 inches with hopper | 9.5 inches without hopper Product Weight (lbs.) 9.0000 Watts 180W Volts 110V RPM of Burrs 1350 Case Material Plastic Bean Hopper Capacity 8 oz Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality Adjustment Configuration Stepped - Macro and Micro Settings Grinder Style Burr - Flat Ceramic Burr Diameter 54mm Material Plastic