Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine

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ocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine ..

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ocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine

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  • – Classic Italian Design
  • – Built by Hand in Milan, Italy
  • – PID Controlled Heat-exchanger
  • – Optional Plumbing


From the seat of Italian fashion to your kitchen counter, the Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione R brings the best of single boiler technology to the homefront. Encased in polished Italian steel, the Giotto Evo's 1.8-liter heat-exchange boiler offers simultaneous brewing and steaming without the need for multiple heating elements or complex control boards. Not all is simple on the Evo however, a distinctly modern PID controller adds easier temperature regulation than is possible with a classic pressurestat—and the Evo hides its modernity behind the gleaming drip tray to preserve its classic lines. With an eye on design and the features to back it up, the Giotto Evo will make a fine coffee companion for years to come.

Features and Functionality

  • Craftsmanship - Built by hand just outside of Milan, every Rocket machine is a unique brewing instrument.
  • Rotary Pump - A commercial-quality rotary pump offers longer service life and quieter operation than cheaper vibratory pumps.
  • Water Options - The rotary pump also opens up your home espresso setup to either direct plumbing or an (included) 2.9-liter reservoir.
  • Heat-exchange Boiler - A 1.8-liter insulated copper/brass boiler lets you brew and steam at the same time.
  • Stainless Steel Case - Polished stainless steel brings a premium look to your kitchen.
  • Adjustable Height - Multiple feet sizes and a removable stainless steel cup surround lets you raise or lower your machine to fit under cabinets.
  • Two Year Warranty - We're proud to offer two years of parts and labor support for every Rocket machine purchase.
  • Quality Components - Make no mistake, this is an heirloom espresso machine and will serve you for years with proper maintenance.
  • Rotary Pump - Rotary pumps sound more pleasant and offer quicker pressure ramps than comparable vibe pumps.
  • Plumbing Options - A nice feature, especially if you have a kitchen remodel or are planning a move in the next few years.
  • Temperature Adjust - The built-in PID behind the drip tray gives you quick access to temp settings, especially important if you like to try different roast styles or extractions.
  • Shiny - While the polished steel look goes great in a kitchen, you'll find it picks up fingerprints and dust more than other finishes.
  • Hot Water Woes - The hot water wand pulls directly from the boiler, which means spurting, superheated water.
SCG Staff Says... The new Evoluzione Type R replaces the older Evoluzione V2. The Type R includes a PID, boiler insulation, new tapered feet and an included stainless steel cup rail over its predecessor.
How Does it Compare? Comparing Rocket machines? The Giotto line has swooping side panels while the Mozzafiato has straight sides and a non-removable cup rail.
Tips and Tricks If you're looking for a bigger reservoir but don't have access to a water line at your brew station, a Flojet pump lets you plumb your machine to a larger water source, like a water cooler jug.


Manufacturer Rocket Espresso
Width 13.2 inches
Depth 16.5 inches
Height Adjustable 14.75 to 16.75 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 50.7000
Watts 1200W
Volts 120V
Programmability PID
Case Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches
Boiler Volume 1.8 L
Reservoir Size 2.5 L
Solenoid Valve Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm
Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized
Warm Up: Brew Time 15 to 30 minutes
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
Water Sources Convertible - Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in
Auto Shut Off No
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Material Stainless Steel