Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V Espresso Machine

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Overview Perfect your palazzo with the Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V Espresso Machine! This scaled-down centerpiece takes all its..

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Perfect your palazzo with the Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V Espresso Machine! This scaled-down centerpiece takes all its design cues from classic Italian machines—sloping lines, hand-polished steel and an exposed E61 group—while its internals are tuned for the requirements of home espresso. A heat-exchange boiler offers side-by-side brewing and steaming, with the capacity for multiple drinks at a time. An integrated PID adds easy access to temperature control for those looking to coax the most out of their favorite roasts. And, its internals are chock-full of professional quality components designed to last for years of use.

Features and Functionality

  • Built by Hand - The Giotto Type V is designed and built by hand in Milan, Italy.
  • Steel Case - The Giotto's bold, angular case, removable cup rail, drip tray and feet are all a rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • PID Controller - Placed behind the drip tray, this PID controller replaces the pressurestat of other machine and offers more stable temperatures in the steam boiler.
  • Heat-exchange Boiler - A 1.8-liter steam boiler with a cold water tube running through it pulls water fresh from the reservoir. Steam pressure is calibrated at the factory to passively heat water to ideal brew temp.
  • Solenoid Valve - As big a part of the E61 group as any, the exposed tube above the drip tray syphons off back pressure for cleaner pucks and easy backflushing.
  • Two Year Warranty - We're proud to offer two years of parts and labor support for every Rocket machine purchase.
  • All the Right Angles - The tapered shape of the Giotto's case strikes a bold look in a modern kitchen.
  • PID controller - A nice touch for a bit of added temperature stability.
  • Adjustable - With two-stage adjustable feet and a removable steel cup rail, the Giotto can squeeze under or step over almost any kitchen cabinet or counter.
  • Hot Water Wand - Ultra-hot steam shot straight from the boiler makes for messy cleanup.
  • Microfiber Mandatory - The polished steel may be gorgeous, but your fingerprints all over it sure aren't.
How Does it Compare? The successor to the Giotto Premium Plus with PID, the Type V adds a stainless steel rail stock and adjustable feet for more kitchen configurations.
Tips and Tricks Keep in mind that this is a heat-exchange machine! any adjustment you make to the steam boiler will shift your brew temperature as well.


Manufacturer Rocket Espresso Width 13.2 inches Depth 16.5 inches Height Adjustable 14.75 to 16.75 inches Product Weight (lbs.) 50.7000 Watts 1200W Volts 120V Programmability PID Case Material Stainless Steel Boiler Material Brass/Copper Cup Clearance 3.5 inches Boiler Volume 1.8 L Reservoir Size 2.5 L Solenoid Valve Yes Cup Warmer Yes Portafilter Size 58mm Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized Warm Up: Brew Time 15 to 30 minutes Boiler Design Heat Exchanger Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank Auto Shut Off No Auto On No Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes Material Stainless Steel