Rocket Espresso Porta Via Espresso Machine

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Overview Prosumer espresso anywhere: Rocket Espresso's promise to the jet-setter inside all of us rings through with the Porta Vi..

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Prosumer espresso anywhere: Rocket Espresso's promise to the jet-setter inside all of us rings through with the Porta Via Espresso Machine. At first glance, the unassuming black case—complete with whimsical Porta Via stickman plaque—looks much like a small drum case. But once you pop its buckled lid, you're rewarded with bright steel and the classic espresso machine face common to Rocket Espresso's entire domestic line. Seconds later, your suitcase is transformed into a svelte espresso setup, complete with milk pitcher and cups for macchiatos or cappuccinos. This revolution in travel espresso maintains its commercial roots with a brass heat-exchange boiler mated to a solid E61 group, offering simultaneous brewing and steaming and a heated water path for consistent espresso. When Rocket claims "Travel just got a whole lot more interesting", they bring the design to back it up.

Features and Functionality

  • Travel Case - The Porta Via's main claim to fame, its already compact frame packs down nicely into a suitcase for travel.
  • Full E61 Group - A classic Italian innovation, the E61 group actively heats your portafilter with a built-in thermosiphon and relieves pressure when not in use.
  • Heat-exchange Boiler - A first in a machine this size, the heat-exchange design lets you brew and steam at the same time.
  • Included Accessories - The Porta Via packs in a full set of accessories, including a bottomless portafilter, milk pitcher, tamper, and cup set.
  • Compact Capability - A true heat-exchange setup gives good steam and temperature control—especially compared to similarly-sized machines.
  • Craftsmanship - Rocket Espresso's attention to detail shines in the Porta Via's bright stainless body, padded casing, and unique design.
  • Cool Factor - It's a suitcase! Even fully unfurled, the Porta Via's tiny frame offers striking looks on a kitchen counter.
  • Tiny Tradeoffs - For the Porta Via's size, you sacrifice a few niceties—like a full-size boiler and hot water wand.
  • How Portable Is It? - The first time you pick up your Porta Via, you're in for a surprise—its steel case and brass boiler weigh in over 50 pounds.
SCG Staff Says...

Short on caffeine and counter space? The Porta Via's slim size makes it an ideal choice for small spaces.


Manufacturer Rocket Espresso Width 9 inches Depth 21.5 inches with portafilter Height 23 inches with reservoir Product Weight (lbs.) 55.0000 Watts 1050W Volts 110V Case Material Stainless Steel/Plastic Boiler Material Brass/Copper Cup Clearance 3.5 inches Boiler Volume 1.2 liter Solenoid Valve Yes Cup Warmer Yes Portafilter Size 58mm Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized Warm Up: Brew Time 14:30 Boiler Design Heat Exchanger NSF Certified No Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes Material Stainless Steel